Appreciate a romantic sea of roses in Dongguan
2022-05-12 10:16     Source : Dongguan Today

May is one of the most romantic months since many flowers bloom during these months. In Qiaotou Lotus Cultural and Tourism Industrial Park, 18,000 roses are in full bloom. The endless lush flowers seem like a romantic rose sea, which is incredible.

Entering the large-scale heart-shaped rose garden Qiaotou, visitors can see that a large number of roses are blooming. The flowers are gorgeous and colourful. The red roses are like fire, the white roses look holy and pure, the pink roses seem romantic and charming, and the yellow roses are graceful and shy. As you wander along the path, the scent of the flowers is wafted along by the breeze, and the flowers are gently swaying in the breeze. The sight and smell are unforgettable.

It is understood that the roses planted in the park are Dashu roses and Dahua roses, with a total of 18,000 plants and a planting area of 6 acres.

According to the flower farmers, Dahua roses can bloom all year round. The roses in the park are on set up for their seasonal display. Visitors can walk through them, appreciating the various beautiful and sweet roses closely.

According to the demands of epidemic prevention and control, visitors shall strictly follow anti-epidemic measures such as scanning the location code, wear a mask, accepting temperature measurements, and showing the travel history QR code before entering the park. 

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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